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Case 8-2: Hideout  
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Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (6)
Location Location icon  Carlito's Hideout
Survivor(s) Isabela Keyes
Starts Time icon  Immediately after Case 8-1
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Starts: Immediately after Case 8-1: Jamming Device

After the 8-1 cutscene, head out onto the rooftop and speak to Isabela, where she is waiting for Frank - if Frank doesn't, she'll just stand by the air vents. It is suggested to leave her next to the vents until Frank gets the elevator cleared of zombies, that way Frank doesn't have to worry about hurting her. Take the elevator down to the Warehouse and out into Paradise Plaza. Cross Leisure Park and enter North Plaza.

Isabela Keyes is Frank's "escort" for this mission, and she is not quite as useless as other survivors, given that she starts out armed with a handgun and will actually use it. However, she will charge headlong into crowds of zombies in a manner experienced players have come to expect of the game's artificial intelligence, the solution is to arm Frank with a powerful melee weapon beforehand, activate Frank's guide arrow and clear her path for her.

Dead rising case 7-2 hideout (2) Dead rising case 7-2 hideout (3) Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (4)
Dead rising case 7-2 hideout Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (2)
Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (3) Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (5)

Hideout location[]

Seon's Food & StuffRipper's BladesCD CrazyHuntin' ShackPearly White's PhotoCrislip's Home SaloonN106N112N111N109N102N122Carlito's HideoutN125N128Dead rising N126
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The entrance to Carlito's Hideout is down the side corridor towards the Huntin' Shack gun store, in the last empty store on the left. The hunting store should be empty at this point, so it's advisable to head in and pick up at least a couple of shotguns from behind the counter, before Frank goes to the empty store and climbs up into the Hideout.

Entering the hideout[]

Entering the hideout
Dead rising isabela
thumb|300px|right| Cutscene 38 - Computer Hacking (last portion of video)
Isabela opens the hatch leading to Carlito's Hideout in North Plaza

Isabela: Here it is... Let's go.

Frank looks around the hideout while Isabela types at Carlito's laptop

Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (8)

Isabela: It's no good... It's password protected. I'll try words we both might know... Family stuff... Things like that...

Frank stares behind the laptop at a cord connected to the laptop

Frank: What's this cable?

Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (10)

Isabela: It looks like part of jamming device. I won't be able to disable it unless I log in.

Dead rising case 8-2 hideout (11)

Jessie: (through transceiver) Frank... Can you hear me? I found something interesting on a security feed from inside a store. Could you come back here. I need you to check it out.

Frank: Alright. I'm headed back now.[1]

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Carlito's hideout[]



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