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Case 6-1: Help Arrives  
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For the Dead Rising case, see Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza.

Case 6-1: Help Arrives is a Dead Rising 2 case. This case is only a cutscene. The military, led by Sgt. Dwight Boykin arrives and are slaughtered by gas zombies.

Secure in the Safe House security room, Chuck, Stacey, Sullivan, and Katey all watch the monitors awaiting the military's arrival.

The military arrives, traveling into the north end of the Silver Strip via the city's underground tunnel system. The heavily armed men are more than a match for the mindless zombies, which they genuinely seem to enjoy slaughtering.

But an unexpected strange chemical gas begins flooding up from the city’s sewer vents. The men are surrounded by a thick, green fog. Many of the undead soon begin to shudder and mutate, becoming far more powerful and aggressive. The zombies quickly massacre the soldiers, and only Sgt. Dwight Boykin escapes.

Back in the Safe House, the survivors watch in shock. Sullivan assures the group that another rescue attempt will occur in 24 hours. Stacey presses the answer, and Sullivan reveals that, if the second attempt also fails, the military will firebomb the city to ensure the outbreak doesn’t spread, which will destroy the safe house too.

Rebecca is seen running through the green fog and into the underground. Chuck volunteers to go and save her.




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