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Case 4-1: The Source  
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Location Location icon  Shoal Nightclub
Psychopath Amber Bailey
Crystal Bailey
Survivor(s) Rebecca Chang
Starts Time icon  Sept. 26, 11 pm
Dead Rising 2 Cases
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For the Dead Rising case, see Case 4-1: Another Source.

Case 4-1: The Source is a Dead Rising 2 case. This battle involves Amber Bailey and Crystal Bailey, only one of them need to be killed.

Partial script[]

Dead rising Amber and Crystal battle Chuck

Sexy Psychopathic Twins (Dead Rising 2) HD

Case 4-1 starts at 2:30

Amber: "We're just some fellow survivors trying to win big Chuck. But you wouldn't know much about that."

Chuck: "This outbreak is killing thousands! People are dying as we speak!"

Amber: "Bragging doesn't really suit you, Chuck."

Crystal: "I always saw you more as the strong, silent type."

Amber: "The very, very silent type..."[1]


  • Case 4-1 of Dead Rising has a very similar name "Another Source".



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