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Case 2-3: Medicine Run  
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Dead rising Frank hit by weapons cart in seons
Location Location icon  Seon's Food and Stuff
Psychopath Steven Chapman
Survivor(s) Isabela Keyes
Starts Time icon  Immediately after Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Weapon Cart
Dead rising attack icon  Shotgun
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   30,000
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Goal icon
Travel to Seon's Food & Stuff, kill Steven Chapman and return the medicine to Brad Garrison in the Security Room.

Starts: Immediately after Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor.

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The next case is in Seon's Food & Stuff, in the northwest corner of the North Plaza. Return to Paradise Plaza, recharge on Frank's camera battery and stock up on food and weapons, then take the shortcut to Wonderland Plaza before passing through to the western end of Wonderland Plaza and head north to Seon's.

If Frank didn't open the shortcut earlier, Frank will have to go through the Leisure Park, avoiding the convicts, and then entering the eastern end of North Plaza and making his way through the undead hordes until reaching Seon's.

If Frank does not have the small chainsaw, before entering Seon's, go to next door Ripper's Blades to pick up a couple of katanas.

Inside the store Frank should maximize his health and stock up on food - the best items are orange juice and milk along the back wall, the very best is wine (5 health) on the far left side.

Head to the pharmacy door in the rear left corner of the store, between the seafood and meat counters. A cutscene begins.[1]

Beginning cutscene[]

Introducing psychopath Steven
Dead rising steven
Frank turns around to find a man pushing a shopping cart with blades along the side, with a woman inside of the basket.

Steven: This is my store!

Dead rising case 2-3 medice run beginning (9)

Steven: You came to vandalize my store, huh?

Dead rising case 2-3 medice run beginning (10)

Steven: Not on my watch!
Frank: Someone's been hurt. I need medicine...

Steven: Hurt!?

Steven grabs the girl and shakes her head.
Steven: That's just what this bitch said when she came to vandalize my store! I don't take kindly to vandalism. I won't allow it! Listen to me, and listen good partner. I don't allow vandalism in my STORE![2]

Battling Steven[]



thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 24 - Steven at the Supermarket

Dead rising medicine run steven with isabella in cart

Steven with Isabela in his cart

The crazed manager of Seon's, Steven has a modified cart with Isabela Keyes unconscious inside. She is the woman Frank saw in the Entrance Plaza cutscene just before the undead hordes swarmed in.

As soon as the cutscene ends, jump up on the aisle shelf to avoid Steven's cart.[3]

Steven's main attacks are his:

  1. cart push,
  2. cart slap, and
  3. a sudden dash toward Frank with lightning speed. His cart dash will leave him wide open for a firearm attack afterward, since he will probably be a distance from Frank.
  4. shotgun, which is the most deadly. Steven will sometimes stop pushing the cart and aim his shotgun at Frank. Be sure to get behind a aisle when he starts shooting and do not try to sneak up on him while he is shooting.[4]

Steven also has a shotgun for when Frank is out of range. But fortunately, the store has plenty of cover with aisle shelves, as well as plenty of food to replenish health. Don't give Steven the opportunity to shot the shotgun by lingering too long on top of the shelves. Drop into the opposite isle and make Steven move toward the checkout counters. The checkout counters offer Frank his best chance at survival. The counters act as a barrier between Frank and Steven, allowing Frank to shoot Steven safely from the other side. Steven will just continue to try and ram Frank with the cart.[3]

Firearm strategy

Steven's shopping cart is very slow to turn, so start off by running down the aisle away from him, then duck to one side and stand a couple of aisles over with Frank's guns out, waiting for him to come out. Fire a few shots and then duck back down another aisle then repeat. If Steven's cart is getting too close, Frank can also hop up onto the shelves and into an adjacent aisle; while it might be tempting to stay up there, Steven will just resort to his shotgun.

Small chainsaw or katana strategy

It is possible to get behind Steven to use melee weapons, either by outrunning him or using the shelves (he can't turn around once he's down an aisle) but it's really not recommended as your first course of action unless Frank has a couple of katanas or the small chainsaw. Steven can be defeated with two or three quick swipes with the Small Chainsaw.[4]

Store weapon strategy

If Frank didn't bring a decent weapon into the grocery store, try to use the drink cans on the far aisle next to the bread. These cans work surprisingly well at damaging Steven if Frank hits him with several cans in a row.[4]

Dead rising medicine run steven aiming behind medical cart in seons
Steven aiming his gun behind the weapons cart.
Dead rising steve weapon cart
Dead rising steve weapon cart
Dead rising steven ign com
Probable badly Photoshopped picture.

Steven's death cutscene[]

Steven dies
Dead rising steven
Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man cutscenes end (4)
Steven stumbles and grabs onto a cash register

Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man cutscenes end (2)

Steven: My store...! Who will run my store when I'm gone... My store... My food... My sales... My... Customers... Have a nice day...

Steven falls over.
Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man cutscenes end (5)

Steven: Clean up... Register 6!

Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man cutscenes end (6)
Steven falls over dead. Frank walks over to the Isabela who was in the shopping cart, now lying on the floor. She starts to move as Frank leans over her.

Frank: Back in the land of the living? You're one tough cookie. Can you stand?

Frank helps Isabela up, she pushes Frank away.
Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man cutscenes end (7)

Frank: Look, I, uh... I saw you at the entrance yesterday. You needed medicine too. Maybe we should work together.

Dead rising IGN isabela

Isabela: I don't need any help! You people don't know a thing! You're the ones who caused this nightmare! You ruined Santa Cabeza and started all this!

Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man cutscenes end
Isabela walks away. Frank notices the pharmacy key that he needs on the floor.[2]

Open the pharmacy door[]

Isabela disappears after the cutscene. Frank receives the pharmacy key from Steven's corpse. He can now open the pharmacy door.[3] Like all psychopaths with unique weapons, Steven leaves the weapon cart for Frank. This weapon will now respawn every time Frank leaves the store and returns.[4]

Enter the doorway between the meat and seafood counters in the back. Follow the corridor all the way along.

Dead rising case 2-3 medicine run pharmacy key

The pharamacy key is automatically used when B is pressed.

Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man first aid kit

Go into the pharmacy and pick up the medical kit, which Frank needs to bring back to the Security Room. Exit the supermarket.[3]

Lovers Scoop[]

Frank can try to complete the Lovers scoop in Wonderland Plaza on his way back to the security room if there is time, but watch the clock. The "Lovers" scoop will end at the same time that Case 2-3: Medicine Run ends.[4]

Give Jessie the medicine in the Security Room[]


Dead rising medicine run brad and jessie

Before talking to Jessie As Jessie is sitting on the couch next to Brad, this is where Frank can get the erotic photo for Kent Swanson's Photo Challenge.

Speak to Jessie in the Security Room to hand over the medicine. There is no end cutscene for this case.

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 3-1: Professor's Past.


  • The song during the battle with Stephen is "Fly Routine" by Hostile Groove.[2]
  • The first aid kit is found on the floor in this case, in Overtime Mode it is found on the shelf.
  • There is a known glitch in which the case will not expire when the timer runs out. The player will still be allowed to continue their progress and ultimately return to the security room with the medical kit, but the case will expire immediately afterwards.


Dead rising case 2-3 medicine man cutscenes end (3)


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