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Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor  
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Dead rising case 2-2 brad shot
Location Location icon  Entrance Plaza
Psychopath Carlito Keyes
Survivor(s) Dr. Russell Barnaby
Starts Time icon  Immediately after Case 2-1
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  sniper rifle
Recommended weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Small Chainsaw
Dead rising attack icon  Sub-machine Gun
Dead rising attack icon  Sniper Rifle
Dead rising attack icon  Katana[1]
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Goal icon
Travel to Entrance Plaza and defeat Carlito Keyes for the second time.

Starts: Immediately after Case 2-1: Image In The Monitor cutscene in the security room

Return to the rooftop through the vents; from there, use either the elevator or the maintenance door to get into the Warehouse and then pass into Paradise Plaza.

Dead rising case 2-2 call

Call about shutter open.

Frank should have already recieved a call from Otis letting him know that the shutter between the Paradise and Entrance Plazas has opened, which will save Frank a lot of time.

Before heading to Entrance Plaza, stock up with orange juice from Colombian Roastmasters. If needed, pick up the hidden sub-machine gun above Shoekin's, (See the sub-machine gun for explanation). Travel to the Entrance Plaza.

Sniper cutscene[]

Sniper cutscene
Dead rising brad
Dead rising case 2-2 daydreaming

"Don't be daydreamin' out here!"

Dead rising case 2-2 carlito shooting
Dead rising case 2-2 barnaby
As Frank walks into Entrance Plaza he is pushed down behind a column by Brad shortly before a shot is heard

Brad: Don't be daydreamin' out here!

Brad: Someone's shooting from the floor above...

Carlito peers through the scope of a huge sniper rifle on the second floor and fires it repeatedly

Carlito: Pachamama.

Carlito embraces his necklace and kisses it then goes back to firing. Frank uses his camera to look around the corner and zoom in on Dr. Barnaby hanging in the hallway. A zombie starts to walk toward Frank.

Frank: Hey, it's the professor!

The zombie behind Frank attacks

Brad: Look out!

A bullet kills the zombie's and splatters blood all over Frank and Brad

Brad: If we don't do something, the professor's gonna to end up zombie chow. I'm going for it. You just worry about staying alive. Got it?

Frank thumbs up sign.[2]

Psychopath Carlito[]



thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 22 - Second fight with Carlito

Dead rising carlito shooting in entrance plaza resucing dr barnaby

Carlito on the second floor of Entrance Plaza.

When Frank enters Entrance Plaza, the fight begins. Carlito Keyes is armed with a powerful sniper rifle this time, and will be much more difficult to get close to than last time.

It is recommended that Frank does not follow Brad, because Brad is a diversion and if Frank is next to Brad, Carlito's attention is focused on Frank too, instead try to surround Carlito. Brad is a big key to defeat Carlito; when he attacks Carlito, it will provide Frank with an open opportunity to strike, because Carlito's back will be turned. Alternatively, if Brad is damaging Carlito severely, let the DHS agent do most of the work.[1][3]

Small chainsaw strategy

If Frank has the small chainsaw, just a couple of swipes and Carlito is defeated.

Firearm strategy

If Frank has a firearm, head up either of the escalators right beside Frank's starting position, and then head around to the right, and take cover behind the corner of Outta Sight store on the left. From here, Frank should be able to target Carlito on the opposite walkway without exposing himself to his fire.

Alternatively, acquire a sniper rifle and shoot Carlito's head from behind a pillar. If positioned correctly Carlito will not be able to shoot Frank but Frank can shoot this psychopath.[1]

Quickstep, Katana, or sledgehammer strategy

Bring two Quicksteps and a katana or sledgehammer to the fight. This drink increases Frank's running speed dramatically. Frank has to be level 10 or higher or Carlito will slaughter Frank. Make sure Frank has Orange Juice or Milk(s). After the cut scene run along to the far end of the plaza and go the escalators. By doing this Carlito is now surrounded by both Brad and Frank from either side. Frank can use the individual support pillars, to advance on Carlito and avoid his gunfire. When close to Carlito, drink the quickstep, equip your Katana and run at him. Slash, Slash, Slash. Strike him quickly, because if Frank stands around too long after attacking Carlito, the psychopath will counterattack with the blunt end of his sniper rifle. Carlito should be defeated relatively quickly. His bullets should miss Frank as Frank is moving too fast.[1][3]

Hockey stick strategy

Go up the stairs, go into Shootingstar Sporting Goods and grab a 3-5 Hockey Sticks and go to the closest pillar and go into aiming mode, and shoot off all of the pucks at Carlito. Make sure to line up your shots first. Repeat until Carlito has been defeated.

Carlito defeated cutscene[]

Carlito defeated a second time
Dead rising brad
Dead rising case 2-2 brad shot (2)
Dead rising case 2-2 brad shot (3)
Carlito shots Brad and a bullet hits Carlito in the shoulder. Carlito runs and jumps off the railing of the second floor. Frank runs back to Brad.

Frank: Brad

Brad: I'll be fine, just take care of the professor go!

Frank: He's unconscious, but alive. Are you alright?

Brad: I'm fine, but not in any condition to carry him. Can you get him back to the Security Room?[2]

Brad needs medicine cutscene[]

Once Carlito has been defeated a second time, Brad and Frank rescue Dr. Barnaby, and return to the Security Room - but Brad's been shot and needs medical assistance. Jessie is able to patch him up, but he will need a medical kit.

Brad needs medicine cutscene
Dead rising jessie
thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 23 - Carlito defeated, but Brad is shot.
Brad opens the door and stumbles into the monitor room

Jesse: Brad! Oh my god!

Frank walks in while carrying Dr. Barnaby on his back and heads to the back of the room
Frank later sits next to Brad as he lies down on a sofa

Jessie: The sedative's taking effect... The professor won't be waking up anytime soon.

Jessie walks over and sits down next to Brad

Dead rising case 2-2 brad shot (5)

Jessie: I managed to stop the bleeding... but he's running a fever. He needs medicine.
Frank: A fever...

Frank walks toward the door
Frank: Medicine huh?[2]

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 2-3: Medicine Run.


  • If Brad or Barnaby is killed, a special fail scene will appear, where it is the final cutscene, but cut to where Frank attempts to shoot Carlito, only for the latter to leap the railing and escape. The cases fail afterwards.


Dead rising case 2-1 carlito 2-1 behind pillar
Use the pillars as cover.
Dead rising case 2-2 barnaby (2)
Dead rising case 2-2 barnaby hanging
Dead rising case 2-2 brad shot (4)
Dead rising IGN case 1-3 (2)
Dead rising IGN case 2-1 Carlito (2)
Dead rising IGN case 2-1 Carlito
Dead rising case 2-2 brad is dead case failed
If Brad is killed, all cases fail.


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