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Case 1-2: Backup for Brad  
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Dead rising walkthrough (13) carlito
Location Location icon  Food Court
Psychopath Carlito Keyes
Survivor(s) Brad Garrison
Starts Time icon  Immediately after Case 1-1:A Dangerous Encounter
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   20,000
Dead Rising Cases
Goal icon
Travel to the Food Court and defeat Carlito with Brad.
For the Dead Rising 2 mission, see Case 1-2: Alive on Location.

Jessie McCarney said in the Case 1-1: A Dangerous Encounter cutscene that Brad Garrison needs help. Continue though the tunnel to Paradise Plaza. The zombies have now overrun almost the entire mall.

Limited Time[]

Limited Time
Tip icon
Frank has six game hours (30 minutes real time) to get to Brad in the Food Court, but don't waste too much time. Dead Rising is designed to be incredibly difficult for the player to complete all cases and scoops. The faster this case is solved, the more time Frank has to complete later cases or finish scoops.[1]

Paradise Plaza[]


You can click these maps to see each store. You can rollover the map to see which store is which number.

Contemporary ReadingChild's PlayPlayersJill's SandwichesEntertainment IsleTuneMakersCantonbury'sBachman's BookporiumTyke n' TotsYe Olde ToyboxSporTranceUniverse of OpticsKids' Choice ClothingJosh's JewelsCam's CameraShoekin'sColby's MovielandEntrance PlazaLeisure ParkParadise PlazaParadise Plaza 1st floor
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Marriage MakersColombian Roastmasters (Paradise Plaza)Tucci's of RomeSporTranceLady About TownParadise Plaza 2nd floor
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Camera battery[]

Dead rising walkthrough (2) cams camera

As Frank leaves the warehouse, to his right is Cam's Camera, where Frank can refresh his camera battery in the far left corner.[2]

Cut From The Same Cloth scoop[]

Otis will call Frank about this scoop at 2 pm.[3]

Since Cut From The Same Cloth has less time left than Case 1-2, and it is also conveniently in the same plaza Frank starts out at, make it Frank's first goal before going to finish Case 1-2 Backup for Brad.

Picking up items in Paradise Plaza[]

Before meeting Brad in the Food Court, pick up two books, the katana, and a sub-machine gun in Paradise Plaza. There is also food and a blender in Colombian Roastmasters restaurant on the second floor.

Sub-machine Gun[]

All of the sub-machine guns in the game are hidden. There is one in Paradise Plaza.

Dead rising walkthrough (3) stairway paradise

Stairs up ahead

To begin walk to first set of stairs, next to Kid's Choice Clothing.

Dead rising submachine gun jump point paradise plaza
Dead rising walkthrough (4) awning jumping too

Second, when Frankes reach the stairs landing, turn towards Kid's Choice Clothing and the door to the Warehouse. Jump over the railing and climb onto the blue overhang, being very careful not to fall.

Dead rising walkthrough (5) awning stuffed bear

Continue to walk or jump from overhang to overhang. One overhang has a Stuffed Bear, Orange Juice, and a Cardboard Box.

Dead rising walkthrough (6) awning smg

Third, Jump on two more overhangs and a sub-machine gun is on the third blue overhang.[2]

Colombian Roastmasters[]

Colombian Roastmasters has infinite orange juice. It also has a blender, which allows Frank to make power-ups with food collected in the mall.[2]


Because of the poor targeting system in Dead Rising melee weapons work much better than firearms.

Dead rising walkthrough (7) z colombian awning

One of the strongest melee weapons is hidden in Paradise Plaza. Walk to Colombian Roastmasters. Just to the right of the cooler with orange juice is a railing.

Dead rising walkthrough (8) colombian katana

Jump over the railing onto a brown overhang, being careful not to jump to far. A katana is laying on this overhang. The katana will respawn each time Frank returns to Paradise Plaza.[2]


Dead rising Weekly Photo Magazine Dead rising Engineering

Books increase Franks abilities. Frank does not have enough item slots to carry all of the books available, so pick up the two most important books right now in two different bookstores:

  1. Contemporary Reading, Weekly Photo Magazine (see prestige points icons over zombie's heads)
  2. Bachman's Bookporium, Engineering Book (makes construction and tool items last three times longer).[3]

Leisure Park[]

Dead rising walkthrough (9) leisure park

Walk out of Paradise Plaza and follow the arrow to the Food Court entrance.

Leisure Park Lawnmower[]

Dead rising walkthrough (10) lawnmower Dead rising walkthrough (11) lawnmower Dead rising walkthrough (12) lawnmower

Dead rising lawn mower outside of food court

Lawn Mower outside of Food Court

At the entrance is a horde of zombies. To the right of the zombies is a lawnmower which Frank can try out.

X pushes the lawnmower and B releases the lawnmower. Clear a path, then enter the Food Court.[2]

Barricade Pair Scoop[]

Depending on the time, on the way to help Brad, Otis may call Frank with the Barricade Pair scoop, which starts at 4 pm.

Food Court[]

Gun battle cutscene[]

Gun battle cutscene
Dead rising brad
Dead rising case 1-2 backup cutscene
Dead rising case 1-2 backup cutscene (2)
Frank enters the Food Court and nearly gets shot. He quickly ducks behind the railing to his side for cover. Brad takes a couple of shots at Carlito then ducks for cover behind the railing in front of Chris' Fine Foods.

Frank: Your uh... girlfriend sent me to find you.

Brad: Who, Jessie!? Dammit! Ok, we'll have to talk about this later. You know how to use that gun?

Frank: I've never fired at a person!

Brad: Alright, I'll cover you from here. You need to stick to the shadows. Try to get close to the target ok.

Frank: And what am I supposed to do when I get close?

Brad shoots again at Carlito.

Brad: Well the best solution would be to shoot the guy, but if you can't do that keep him busy dodging your bullets and stay out of trouble. Are you up to it?

Frank: I'm a lot better with a camera, but yeah, I'll give a shot.

Brad: Alright... Next time he reloads. I'll lay down a suppressing fire. I'm counting on you. Make your way over there. 1...2...3!

Brad steps out from behind the railing and fires.[4]


Chris' Fine Foods Wine.

In Chris' Fine Foods is wine, stock up before going to attack Carlito.

Psychopath Carlito[]



thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 11 - Battle with Carlito.

Carlito, the first person Frank met in the mall on the helipad wants Frank and Brad dead.

Carlito is a tough psychopath, watch out for Carlito's gunfire from his sub-machine gun and dropping bombs down. Keep moving and quickly run away if you see or hear a bomb dropped from above.[5]

Dead rising walkthrough (15) carlito pipebomb

There is a couple of different approaches to defeat him - the one chosen should depend on how much health Frank has.

Safe option (recommended)

As soon as the cutscene ends, quickly run across the walkway and up the stairs to the food court.

Dead rising walkthrough (16) carlito crates

On the side of the central steps climb up the set of stacked crates (underneath the "no smoking" sign) to get a much better vantage point.

Use the wooden posts as cover while Brad keeps Carlito distracted. Manually aim for Carlito's head to injure him faster than body shots. Don't stay in one place for too long because Carlito is an excellent shot and can quickly kill Frank.

Another Safe but longer option

Use the food court restaurants and pillars as cover, using the hand gun or sub-machine gun (see #Machine Gun above), to chip Carlito's health down while eating the food and drinks in the Food Court. After Carlito's health drops a bit, he will retreat from the gantry at the front of the Wild West section to the roofs of the restaurants in the back of the plaza.

Dead rising sub machine gun in chriss

Sub-machine Gun on Chris's Fine Foods sign.

Hidden sub-machine gun

When Carlito retreats to the roof, Frank can jump up onto the entrance arch of Chris' Fine Foods to pick up a sub-machine gun, but Frank will be open to attack from Carlito while Frank is exposed.

Extremely reckless option (not recommended)

Equip the katana (see #Katana above) or a sledgehammer and run to the raised seating area below Carlito's perch. Use the stacked crates (described above) to climb up onto Carlito's walkway. Wait until Carlito is as far to the right as possible before jumping up onto the gantry, then run up to the corner and wait for Carlito to come around - start swinging just before he comes around. Frank might take a couple of hits from Carlito's machine gun, but he may survive long enough to land the three or four katana slashes required to end the fight. This option is dangerous because Carlito has a quick kick that knocks Frank down. Only get close to Carlito if you have no other choice.[5]

Carlito escapes[]

Dead rising walkthrough (22) carlito escapes

After defeating Carlito, Carlito escapes through the roof. Helping Brad defeat Carlito apparently isn't enough for Brad to start trusting Frank, but a photo of the old man that Frank saw in the Entrance Plaza catches Brad's interest enough for the Department of Homeland Security agent to agree to a temporary alliance with Frank.

Carlito escapes
Dead rising brad
thumb|300px|right| Cutscene 12 - Carlito Escapes
Carlito escapes.

Frank: He got away. Who was that, anyway?

Brad: I don't know... Well. Thanks for your help. The name's Brad.

Frank: I'm Frank West, photojournalist. And right now I'd rather have an explanation than your thanks Brad.

Brad: Sorry, I've got nothing to tell you. Look. I don't know what Jessie told you but as far as I'm concerned we're through working together. So, you cover your zombie story and leave the rest to us.

Frank readies his camera.

Frank: You uh...You guys are lookin' for someone here, aren't ya?

Frank holds up his camera and shows Brad a picture of Dr. Russell Barnaby who Jessie noticed earlier on Frank's camera in the Security Room

Brad: Who is that? Where did you take that?

Frank snatches the camera back as Brad reaches for it

Frank: You help me. I help you.

Frank holds up the camera and shakes it as Brad watches and turns away

Brad: Damn!

Brad walks away disgusted then stops, turns, and begins to point
Dead rising IGN case 1-3

Brad: You're one hell of a journalist aren't you, Frank? A hotheaded, underhanded, hotshot paparazzi with nothing better to do than to invade people's privacy.

Frank: I try... You got a point?

Brad: You win, Frank. Let's work together.

Frank holds the camera downward until he hears more

Brad: Jessie and I are DSH agents. And, yes, we're looking for the man in that picture.

Frank: You're with homeland security. Is that guy a terrorist or somethin'?

Brad: ...

Frank gives Brad his camera

Frank: I took that picture in the Entrance Plaza. Right near the front door.

Brad: The Entrance Plaza... You're sure?

Brad gives the camera back to Frank and walks away

Frank: Hey! So, do I have your permission to cover this story... or not?

Brad: Ugh![4]

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 1-3: An Odd Old Man.



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