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'Carlito Keyes is the main antagonist of Dead Rising. He is also a psychopath who Frank must defeat three times. He is the brother of Isabela Keyes. Of Spanish descent, Carlito is one of the few survivors of the Santa Cabeza Incident. Knowing the truth about what happened to his family and fellow villagers, Carlito has vowed to reveal the government cover up and expose to the rest of the world what happened. His hatred spurns on acts of terrorism, which arc carried out to reveal the truth. His will, desire and strength are to be reckoned with. As the events in the mall unfold, it becomes clear that Carlito is a deranged individual who must be stopped before the zombie epidemic spreads throughout the entire country.[1]


thumb|300px|right|Cutscene 3 - Carlito's first appearance

Carlito is the first survivor Frank meets in the mall. When he drops from the helicopter, Carlito is standing next to the entrance to the security room. Frank then has a confusingly vague conversation with Carlito, in which Carlito ends the conversation saying, "I think you'd better see for yourself. This, my friend... is hell!"[2]

Carlito Keyes
File:Dead rising Isabella.png
Location Location icon  Food Court
Location icon  Entrance Plaza
Mission Case 1-2: Backup for Brad
Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor
Case 7-2: Bomb Collector
Survivor(s) Dr. Russell Barnaby
Starts Time icon  Day 1, September 19
Day 2, September 20
Preferred weapon Sub-machine Gun, Sniper Rifle
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   20,000, 30,000, 50,000, 100,000,
Notebook Mastermind behind the Willamette incident.[3]
Age 33
Race White, Spanish
Voice Actor Alex Fernandez[4]
Dead Rising Psychopaths

Food Court[]

Further information and strategies see Case 1-2: Backup for Brad

In Frank's very first case, Carlito is shooting at Brad in the Food Court and requests help from Jessie McCarney. Frank accidentally makes Jessie fall and twist her ankle, so Frank goes to help Brad in Jessie's place. In the Food Court Carlito is on the gangplank, shooting at Brad. After Frank and Brad defeat Carlito, Carlito escapes.

thumb|150px|right|Cutscene 10 - Jessie surprises Frank thumb|150px|right|Cutscene 11 - Battle with Carlito. thumb|150px|right| Cutscene 12 - Carlito Escapes

Entrance Plaza[]

Further information and strategies see Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor

The second fight with Carlito is in the second floor of Entrance Plaza. Carlito has strung up the professor from the roof, plans on killing Dr. Barnaby, a scientist that Brad is interested in interrogating, by feeding him to zombies. Carlito uses a Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle to fight Brad and Frank. In the cutscene Brad shoots Carlito in the arm and he flees by jumping over the railing.

thumb|150px|right|Cutscene 22 - Second fight with Carlito

thumb|150px|right|Cutscene 23 - Carlito defeated, but Brad is shot.

Maintenance Tunnels - Bomb Collector[]

Further information and strategies see Case 7-2: Bomb Collector

The third time Frank fights Carlito, he is attempting to stop Carlito from detonating a bomb which will spread the zombie infection across America. He attacks Frank with a Delivery Truck in the Maintenance tunnels. Carlito crashes and Brad chases him into the Maintenance Tunnel Warehouse. Carlito kills Brad but gets shot in the stomach.

Larry the Butcher and Carlito's death[]

Frank saves Carlito when he is nearly ground up by a psychopathic butcher, but Carlito succumbs to his wounds shortly afterwards.


Frank fights Carlito many times in infinity mode, here is a listing of encounters with him.

  1. Carlito is found on the scaffolding of the Food Court, he is hostile, armed with a Special Machine Gun and when killed, Frank finds a Snack,Yogurt, and Well Done Steak on his corpse.The Machine Gun is special because it cannot be removed and stays with Carlito.
  2. Carlito is found in the Maintenance Tunnels, he is hostile, driving a Delivery Truck and when killed, Frank finds a Cabbage, Snack, and Well Done Steak on his corpse.This time, Carlito will often retreat after having half of his health depleted.
  3. Carlito is found on the second floor of the Entrance Plaza, he is hostile, armed with a Special Sniper Rifle and when killed, Frank finds Corn, Snack, and a Well Done Steak on his corpse. If Frank kills this Day Two Sniper Carlito, then the Day Four Sniper Carlito will not appear.


Carlito Keyes
Dead rising carlito at beginning
Carlito at the beginning of the game.
Dead rising carlito at beginning (2)
Dead rising carlito bust
Dead rising infinity mode carlito day 3
Carlito in infinity mode, Day 3.
Dead Rising Carlito

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