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Dead rising Brick
Location Location icon  Sheriff's Office (2) (1st floor)
Location icon  Royal Flush Plaza - In the Closet (4) (R102)
Location icon  Safe House
Location icon  Silver Strip Atlantica Casino Rooftop
Location icon  Silver Strip Royal Flush Plaza Rooftop
Location icon  South Plaza Main Floor
Location icon  Underground Main Tunnel
Lasts 10
Strength 3
Dead Rising 2 Weapons
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The Brick is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

The primary attack (tap X) has Chuck swing diagonally down. The secondary attack (hold X) is exactly as if Chuck were to use (Tright + X) and throw the brick.

The brick throws like a football and has a similar damage effect, minus the ricocheting effect of the football. Like the football, Chuck bounces up and down like a football player before throwing the brick when the aim button (Tleft) is held.


  • When Chuck gets ready to throw the brick he prances back and forth from one foot to another.



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