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Brandon Whittaker
Dead rising brandon bust
Location Location icon  Americana Casino bathroom
Mission Chuck the Role Model
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  shard of broken glass
Notebook A member of CURE driven mad by the outbreak, who believes the only way to stop oppression is to equalize everyone - by making them all zombies.
Age 22
Race White
Dead Rising 2 Survivors

Brandon Whittaker is a Dead Rising 2 psychopath. He literally rips into Chuck with a hooked shard of glass with what seems to be inhuman speed. He also jumps into toilet stalls, teleporting to another stall near Chuck. Never take other survivers into the fight with you as Brandon will kill them very quickly.


  • In Valve's popular zombie game, Left 4 Dead 2, a gunshop owner is named Wittaker. He instructs the survivors to fetch him Cola, if they want him to clear the way to the mall.


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