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Brad Garrison
Dead rising brad
Notebook DHS agent.[1]
Age 46
Race Black
Voice Actor T.J. Storm[2]
Dead Rising Survivors

Brad Garrison is a Dead Rising survivor. He is an agent for the DHS (a top-secret organization dedicated to Homeland Security). Brad is a gruff, no nonsense and by the-book player, who reluctantly fights alongside Frank West throughout the story. He shares similar personality traits with Frank. They may have ended up being good friends—if they had met under different circumstances. However, under duress, he always falls back on the company line and treats everyone he first meet-, as a potential .threat that is not to be trusted. Muscular, in great shape, and possessing superior athletic abilities from years of military training, Brad uses his intuition and expertise in his field to always stay cool and calm under extreme pressure.[3]

Case 1-2 Backup for Brad[]

Frank and Brad fight side by side to defeat Carlito Keyes.

Case 2-2 Rescue the Professor[]

Brad is shot by Carlito in the "Rescue the Professor" case and needs a medkit to be revived.

Case 7-2: Bomb Collector[]

Brad pursues Carlito and is shot and left for dead in the maintenance tunnels.



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