• Himari Noiharachan

    Fix this wiki!

    September 11, 2016 by Himari Noiharachan

    Dear people that may read this:

    I've noticed many problems with this wiki.  I'm pretty bad at formatting.  However, I can provide whatever game information you need.

    In particular, pages that I've noticed need improvement:

    prestige points( dead rising 2):missing level up skills, stats, pp needed table.

    magazines(dead rising 2): missing most of the information in the magazine table

    survivors(dead rising 2): MANY duplicates in the table, incorrect formatting, missing images.  PP join and PP safehouse arrival bonuses are also not even listed.

    I'd like to provide information for these pages if I could.  I will try to gather information, and post it all on the talk pages when I'm ready.

    If someone wants to put the information into the pages for me, th…

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  • Tiffbaby

    This is how I feel why don't they just let us create our own character in the game and continue with the story line.

    I mean it's a cool game and all but come on, I want to create the person the way I want to.

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  • PajamaPantsPro

    So, im pretty sure most Dead Rising fans have already seen this, but I wanted to post it up anyway. I believe two people from capcom are playing, I don't really know, but they play a good while and its really interesting. They show some of the new combo cards. I really liked watching it. Still am actually. So yea.. simple as that.

    [Rising 2: Case West Gameplay]

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  • Mccray2013

    Days of the Week

    December 10, 2010 by Mccray2013

    Days like today suck, if you wanna know what happened today... PM me for the details, if you were bullied in school Join my group on FB.... IHOPDY... I Hate Other People!!! Do You??

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  • Mccray2013

    Question.... to everyone

    November 2, 2010 by Mccray2013

    who do i have to talk to about getting a badge made... i had an idea... its similar to Key to the Wiki... but its a whole month you have to log in and edit for

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  • Anno1404 is gone.

    Stating: The site is currently unavailable.

    It is not on Google cache and it is not on

    Because of this, I have downloaded a Firefox add on called Abduction! and will do screenshots and post all pages here.

    I will also the text of these sites.

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  • Mccray2013

    Psychopaths DR1

    October 29, 2010 by Mccray2013

    I can give an easy way to beat the psychos

    ummm i can also give some info on some the pyschos in DR2 i can beat Leon Bell, i also can beat some of the other psychos such as Ted... Randy, im not the best to talk to about, Carl Schliff on the other handy i can kick the crap out of him....

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  • Anno1404

    As I wander around Fortune City I come upon some really strange and interesting pictures. So I thought I would test editors knowledge of Dead Rising 2.

    Where is this picture taken:

    I will create an award for whoever guesses correctly.

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  • JohnMiles

    Sexy Psychopathic Twins

    October 17, 2010 by JohnMiles

    Added "Sexy Psychopathic Twins" video that I made on Amber Bailey and Crystal Bailey pages. Hope real Dead Rising fans will like it. It took me lots of time to make one. )

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  • Anno1404

    If you have the PC version of Dead Rising 2 there are some mind boggling cool modifications you can create.

    I have been working with the modification community at to list all modifications which are available. This is the most complete and detailed list of mods available on the web.

    You can:

    1. play as 14 different characters, (more added each day)
    2. modify clothes,
    3. teleport,
    4. slow down time,
    5. play with no zombies or missions, in an empty world,
    6. jump to any mission or case,
    7. jump to any location on the map,
    8. have stock piles of the most powerful weapons, clothing, food, mixed drinks,
    9. change the view
    10. reach level 30 in 5 minutes


    As a person who is more interested in the underlying game mechanics of the game more than play…

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