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Blast Frequency Gun
Location Location icon  Underground Main Tunnel
Location icon  Underground - Secret Lab
Creates Maintenance room icon  Super B.F.G.
Lasts 50[1]
Strength 5
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The Blast Frequency Gun (B.F.G.) is a weapon appearing late in Dead Rising 2. It can only be found on the underground. In the rail system, located very close to an orange golf cart parked near a maintenance room which has "Rocket Fireworks" inside. Also in the secret lab.

It is futuristic in appearance, predominantly blue, purple, and silver, and about the size of an assault rifle.

It shoots blue waves of noise which explodes heads with a plasma discharge surrounded by an electrical current that kills around 20-50 zombies, but does nothing against psychopaths. It can be combined with an Amplifier to create a Super B.F.G., which is the Mystery Super Weapon and the most powerful firearm in the game. It has only 15 shots before breaking[1]

The official guide states that the B.F.G is a "special weapon engineered to be very effective versus gas zombies."[1]




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