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Bibi Love
Dead rising bibi bust
Location Location icon  Slot Ranch Casino
Mission One Hit Wonder
Notebook This former one-hit wonder won't let anything - not even a zombie outbreak - come in the way of her big comeback show.
Age 45
Race White
Dead Rising 2 Survivors

Bibi Love is a Dead Rising 2 Psychopath turned survivor, you face her in One Hit Wonder mission. She is an aging pop singer who is clinging to her former glory. As a result of the outbreak, she has taken three of her employees hostage. Chuck must do errands for her... fetch 3 things for her. And do a minigame where you has to play the right lighting effects, If he loses the minigame, or attacks her, or kills one of her hostages, a cutscene plays where she yells at him for ruining her comeback before sitting down next to Cameron and activating her bomb, killing her, Cameron, Allison and Juan. If you win Bibi can get killed by the zombies if you wait long enough, or you can kill the zombies and save her... leading her to the safe house for extra 40,000 PP.


She is similar to Adam MacIntyre; both are former entertainers who become insane. Bibi is similar to Paul Carson; both use bombs and can become survivors. She is similar to Kent Swanson; both psychopaths ask the player to do some errands for them. Bibi is similar to Snowflake; both psychopaths can be saved in Dead Rising 2. She, Snowflake and Brandon are the only psychopaths who don't drop a weapon. Bibi is the only psychopath in the Dead Rising series who does not attack the player. (Attacking her fails her "One Hit Wonder" quest.) Bibi is more effective in combat than most survivors; given the right weapon (e.g. a sledgehammer or fire axe), she can hold her own against large numbers of undead. If the player leaves Bibi behind while escorting the other three survivors to safety, her health will not have decreased when the player later returns to the Slot Ranch Casino. Bibi is a parody of Cher, a popular singer who had a Las Vegas show at the time of the game's production. Her outfit is also similar to Cher's in her "Turn Back Time" music video. Sometimes, when you pass her in the Safe House, she will say "You're my number 1 fan!" There is a picture of her in Marrion Mallon's office, the facility director in the Case West DLC. Her music can be heard during the overtime mode credits.

You can bring other survivor in these mission because they will not harm Bibi, unlike bringing a survivor to another psychopath, whom they will attempt to attack. 


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