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Bachman's Bookporium
Dead rising bachman's bookporium
Location Location icon  Paradise Plaza
Type Bookstore
Store number P108
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Cash Register
Books BOOK Icon  Engineering
BOOK Icon  Entertainment
BOOK Icon  Horror Novel 2
BOOK Icon  Interior Design
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Bachman's Bookporium is a Paradise Plaza bookstore in Dead Rising. It is one of five bookstores in the mall, and the second bookstore in Paradise Plaza, the first being Contemporary Reading.


  • Bachman is the last name of Richard Bachman, a pseudonym used by horror novel author Stephen King.[1]
Dead rising backmans bookporium cropped entrance plaza ad

"Welcome to the Realm of Information!"
—Advertisement for the Bachman's Bookporium in Entrance Plaza



  1. Paradise Plaza,

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