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Antoine Thomas
Dead rising antoine bust
Location Location icon  Cucina Donnacci in Food Court
Mission Tastes Like Chicken
Notebook Ambitious chef, so dismayed the outbreak ruined his big chance at fame that he's cooking up horrifyingly "unique" dishes to finally top all his rivals.
Age 40
Dead Rising 2 Survivors

Antoine Thomas is a Dead Rising 2 psychopath found in Cucina Donnacci in the Food Court His attack strategies include throwing pieces of cutlery and whiteware at Chuck. If Chuck is knocked over, he may try to force-feed Chuck some of the meat he's been cooking up.

He is exceptional in that he will heal himself by eating some roast dishes that are conveniently dotted about the restaurunt. If Chuck can hurt him hard enough, this may be an opportunity to strike.

He is eventually killed by a "domestic accident", boiled in his own vat of boiling oil.


The song that plays is called "Own Little World" by "Celldweller"


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