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Location Location icon  Safe House storage room 7 in the basement
Type Special Mission
Survivor(s) Dead rising kristin Kristin Harris in Lush-ious Lady or
Dead rising trixie-lynn Trixie-Lynn Horton in Barn Burner or
Dead rising cora Cora Russel in Fetching Females or
Dead rising jack (Dead Rising 2) Jack Ellis in Welcome to the Family or
Dead rising woodrow Woodrow Rutherford in Bank Run
Starts Time icon  Day 3, Sept. 27 9 am[1]
Expires Time icon   Day 4, Sept. 28 9 am[1]
Prestige points Prestige points icon  5000 each "Strip poker elimination bonus"
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Goal icon
Pay $25,000 to play Texas Hold 'Em and eliminate one player by striping them down to their underwear to beat the mission.

Ante Up is a Dead Rising 2 mission it is a game of Texas Hold 'Em and strip poker.

The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Play poker in the Safe House
DESTINATION: Safe House Poker Room
I've been challenged to a poker game by the survivors back at the Safe House.

This mission is only available if Chuck rescued one of the following side missions:

Save your game
Tip icon
Save your game before entering the poker room, just in case you lose money.

The main difference between this mission and the High Rollers is how much it costs to buy into the game. It costs $25,000 for Chuck to play . Each time a player loses all of their cash, they also remove a piece of clothing.[1]


It has to be noted this mission is the only way to get an unlockable piece of clothing, Arthur's helmet.

To get it you first need to save Jack Ellis during the mission "Welcome to the family". Then when you beat every player during the poker game, the helmet will be unlocked and appear in your wardrobe.


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Dead rising 2 ante up watch screen justin tv


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