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Amber Bailey
Dead rising amber bust
Location Location icon  Shoal Nightclub
Mission Case 4-1: The Source
Starts Time icon  Sept. 26, 11 pm
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Los katanas
Notebook [Tyrone King]'s twin co-hostesses on "Terror is Reality". "Sexy" doesn't even begin to describe these sisters.
Age 25
Race White

Amber Bailey is a Terror Is Reality co-hostesses along with her identical twin sister Crystal Bailey. She is blonde and wears a gold dress.

In Case 4-1: The Source, Amber and Crystal hold Rebecca Chang hostage then battle Chuck Greene. When she does so, she wields a Katana Sword. Her tactics include double-teaming Chuck with her sister; in addition to hit-and-run tactics. Killing either of the twins will end the battle.




Sexy Psychopathic Twins

Sexy Psychopathic Twins: Amber and Crystal Bailey. First meeting, final fight, cutscenes and some tribute in the end.


Dead rising amber bust
Dead Rising amber notebook


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