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Alan Peterson
Dead rising alan
Location Location icon  Entrance Plaza
Notebook Was arguing with Kathy in the Entrance Plaza.[1]
Age 56
Race Caucasian
Dead Rising Survivors

Alan Peterson is a unsaveable survivor in Dead Rising. He is found on the first day in the mall in Entrance Plaza arguing with his wife Kathy Peterson. Like all survivors in the Entrance Plaza, excluding the main characters such as Frank West, he is killed when the undead breach the barricade.


  • When the zombie breach occurs, Kathy will slowly stumble to the stairs with Alan following her. Alan and Kathy can get up the stairs past the zombies, but their profiles will still show dead.


Alan: Dammit every time i come shopping with you, something happens to raise my blood pressure.

Kathy: What do you mean, every time, you don't even come home most nights, let alone take me shopping.

Alan: So I work for a living.

Kathy: Work, huh is that what you call that Hankie Pankie with that big-titted secretary, now?

Alan: Oh please what the hell does that have to do with anything?

Kathy: Listen to you, every time something goes wrong you have to raise your voice. I never should have married you.

Alan: Want to split up then? Sounds Great. I can't wait to see the look on your face when the zombies eat you, it will be hilarious.

Kathy: "That's my line buster."


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