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Dead rising Lovely Fashion House 2 PANORAMA

Panorama of Lovely Fashion House showing the four hostages and dead Jo in the scoop Above The Law
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For the Dead Rising 2 mission see Above The Law (Case Zero).

Above The Law is a Dead Rising scoop in which psychopath Jo Slade has four women held captive.

Jo's Hostages[]

Frank enters the Lovely Fashion House to find officer Jo Slade guarding a tied up Kay Nelson. Upon seeing Frank, she begins to degrade Kay, calling her a "whore" for "luring another man" into the store. As the officer rubs her nightstick over a hysterical Kay, Frank pleads for the officer to stop, only to be threatened by the psychotic officer. To free the hostages, Frank must fight psychopath Jo Slade to get the Handcuff Key.

Jo molests Kay cutscene[]

Jo molests Kay cutscene
Dead rising jo
Jo stands above Kay, who is tied up

Jo: What have we here? Looks like you've lured another man in here, you little whore.

Kay: No... I didn't. I... Please help me!

Jo: Let's see just how shameless you are, you dirty little skank...

Jo pulls out a nightstick

Jo: Say hello to my little friend.

Jo rubs the nightstick on Kay's leg

Kay: No! Not again! Help me!

Frank: Um... Officer? Officer? Can I talk to you for a minute?

Jo continues to rub Kay with the nightstick

Frank: I mean, uh... Look. What did that woman do? This seems a little, uh... extreme.

Jo: Shut your pie hole! If you try to interfere with official police business, I'll start with you before I get to her![1]

Battling Jo[]



Jo's Attack methods

Jo Slade can attack Frank in four different ways. She will only use two of these methods on her hostages.

Kick Jo can lash out with a kick similar to Frank's kick attack. She will also kick her hostages.
Stun Gun Jo can use her stun gun to electrocute Frank. Although this attack is slow, it is devastating when it connects as Frank is knocked to the floor and rendered immobile for several seconds afterward. During this time, Jo can follow up by stomping on Frank's groin, dealing several blocks of damage until Frank recovers. She will also stun her hostages.
Bludgeon If Frank is close to her, Jo will attempt to hit Frank with a swing of her fist. This attack is slow but is capable of dealing heavy damage.
Handgun If Frank is out of her attack range, she will pull out her handgun and shoot at Frank. This attack deals only light damage.[2]
Melee Weapons

Bring a Battle Axe. As soon as the fight begins, start swinging. When Jo is about to attack you, release and slice her with as many of the swings as possible. If done correctly, this can kill her on the first spin.[Verification needed] It takes up to four shots to kill Jo.


Bring a Shotgun or another sub-machine gun, then open fire, but be careful not to hit the survivors.

Above The Law  
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Dead rising above the law jo (5)
Location Location icon  Lovely Fashion House in Wonderland Plaza
Psychopath Dead rising jo Jo Slade
Survivor(s) Dead rising janet Janet Star
Dead rising kay Kay Nelson
Dead rising kelly Kelly Carpenter
Dead rising lilly Lilly Deacon
Starts Time icon  Day 2, Sept. 20, 12 pm
Expires Time icon   Day 3, Sept. 21, 12 am
Weapon(s) Dead rising attack icon  Stun Gun
Dead rising attack icon  Handgun
Join Prestige points icon  20,000 each
Prestige points icon   40,000 each
Kill Bonus Prestige points icon   30,000
Dead Rising Scoop

Jo's Death[]

Jo dies a dramatic death, moaning and shaking violently before finally dying. After she is dead, she drops a generic stun gun and the handcuff key.[3] With Jo dead, Frank can then free her four hostages, Kay, Lilly, Kelly, and Janet, and escort them back to the security room.

Dead rising jo
Jo: It hurts... The pain... I'm gonna die...Can't believe a worthless prick like you, did me in![1]

Escorting Survivors[]

Dead rising bunny balloon

Sally Mills and Nick Evans hanging of an inflatable bunny in the Wonderland Plaza.

Kay is the only survivor that can wield a weapon. Lilly, Janet and Kelly can only hold hands.

If Frank rescues Sally Mills and Nick Evans in Hanging by a Thread at this time, those two can be equipped with weapons so escorting the three unarmed girls can be easier. With Kay, Sally and Nick armed, be sure to watch out for the other three unarmed women on the way to the Wonderland Plaza restroom. Take the shortcut to the Paradise Plaza and travel to the security room.[2]

Saving at least three of the four girls is necessary for the Saint Achievement, all are necessary if Frank has lost two other survivors.

Scope begins[]

Dead rising day 2 1205 ABOVE LAW call

Otis calls Frank about the scoop on Day 2, September 20, 12:00 pm


  • The health bars of Lilly, Kelly, and Janet are triggered as soon as Frank enters Wonderland Plaza with this scoop active. If Frank leaves the plaza, their health will deplete and they will eventually die. Kay is not affected as she appears in the cutscene, and will be present as long as the scoop is active.
  • Jo is the only psychopath who will actively attack her hostages.
  • The song that plays during the fight is "Heaven's Creepin' In" by Supernova Syndicate.[1]


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